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Special programs

One of the programs developed by Fondation Theodora in Switzerland, aims at the visit of over weighted children and adolescents under obesity therapy.

This therapy program conducted by specialists, lasts for a couple of months.  An integral nutrition program, intensive movement therapies and group talks help these children to reorganize their daily habits and behavior patterns. Apart from the long term positive changes that effect movement and nutritional habits, the self-esteem of the children is reinforced as well.

The artists of the Theodora Foundation join in by taking up the role of the participant, accompany the children and adolescents in a playful way, motivate them and enhance their endurance. Through humour and changes, they facilitate learning processes  and so create experiences of success. They act as intermediaries for children and adolescents in making new discoveries and enjoying these. Sports activities, conscious cooking and eating become a whole as a result of the playful and light perspective of the artists.