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To do volunteer work

The Theodora Sevgi Doktorları Project counts on the support of its numerous volunteers.

Volunteers contribute significantly in reducing the expenses and help in directing the donation amounts to hospitalized children in places they are needed.

Volunteering also includes administrative and logistic activities and support in fields such as photography, film or translation -under adequate competency. Duties are distributed according to interest, ability, suitability and availability. Yet volunteers are never in direwct contact with  hospitalized children. 

Experienced volunteers can become  delegates of the project and work together with the directors in organizations, fairs as a representatives of the project.

Mirey Nasi

Tuna Poyrazoğlu

Organization Coordinators

0212 245 60 93-0212 245 62 33

Please fill in the Application Form and attach your Motivation letter. We will be inviting you for a briefing and look forward to meeting you.


I don’t know if you remember me. I wanted to ask how you were, because after so many days in the hospital you were the first one to make me laugh. I know that many other children must have felt the same way thanks to you. Previously I felt no special sympathy for clowns, but after you I believe that no other clown can take your place. It did not come to an end even after I left the hospital Meto:/ The medication used during the chemotherapy had side-effects on my hipbone and walking was forbidden, so I had to use a wheelchair for two years. But recently I had an operation and can walk again.


The clowns are very nice, we had a great time. We want them to come again and again. The clowns were so good, I think they should come again on Wednesday.