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Charity concerts, premier-nights, employee inititatives, social responsibility projects, etc. There are many possibilities of combining beauty with generosity and making children laugh. We would gladly stand by your side with the consultancy we provide.

Mirey Nasi

Tuna Poyrazoğlu

Organization Coordinators


0212 245 60 93 - 0212 245 62 33

We would be glad if you contact us.

Dear Maviş, Aliş, Pinky and Pati, I couldn’t tell you enough how happy your visits make us. You have always managed to change the sad faces of our children with smiling ones. You -as much as me- can witness the sparkles in their eyes the very moment they see you. They are so much delighted about your visits. Even though it’s just once a week, we can clearly see how their pale faces begin to shine. As a mother I wish you to were here every day and never leave us alone. With love...

M. Çelik ve annesi A. Çelik / 13/01/2001

My dearest sisters and brothers, first of all I really appreciate your coming back week after week, without growing tired, just to cheer us up and to amuse us. I would like to thank you all one by one. For me, the best part is the tricks you show us. Each Wednesday I long to see you and want to thank you all for loving us back. I love you and will not forget you. Best regards.

U. Kirazcı / 13/06/2001