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The Sevgi Doktorları Team


    Dream Doctors are experienced and thoroughly trained artists

    Theodora extensively and comprehensively trains already experienced artists for the work in a hospital environment. In comparison to their  work on the stage, on the street or at the circus, Dream Doctors are confronted with diverse requests and needs in hospitals and specialized institutions for disabled children. The artists of the Theodora Sevgi Doktorları need to be equipped with precision sensors, high sensitivity, extraordinary improvisational skills and at the same time sufficient medical information. These constitute also the main training fields of the Dream Doctors of the Theodora Sevgi Doktorları.


    Strict rules of the Theodora Sevgi Doktorları

    Theodora Sevgi Doktorları, just like its Dream Doctors,  always maintains its activities in loyalty and accordance with some strict ethical basic principles. The Dream Doctors are only allowed to pay their visits under consent of either the children or their parents. They respect the private sphere of the child and adjust their behaviour according to the physical and psychological conditions of the child.


    Three special programs which provide laughter for the children

    Fondation Theodora offers three different programs  worldwide: Dream Doctors can either help little patients during their demanding stay in the hospital, can specially attend to disabled children as Mr. and Ms. Dream or can pay visits to overweighted children and adolescents under obesity therapy.